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Wake up

Due to the recent developments I had to update the description of this painting.
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Despite receiving a complimentary Nobel Peace Prize, he failed the people, as former U.S. President Jimmy Carter said Tuesday July 16th 2013 at a meeting of the “Atlantik-Brücke” in Atlanta: “America no longer has a functioning democracy”.
Interestingly the quote disappeared from many sources, but it still exists e.g. here

For the same reason I’ll be updating also this painting soon, as there are now fortunately a couple more people peeking out of the window.
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Voltaire said: “I do not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it.”

If you believe in freedom of speech and (mandatory) free press, then please support the Guardian as follows:


Rocky Beach – Felsiger Strand

At last I found time to paint again. The seascape motive comes from my memory of beautiful sunsets at the Portuguese coast.
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17. Aug. 2013
70 x 50 cm (27.6” x 19.7”)
Oil on canvas
Endlich fand ich wieder Zeit zum Malen. Das Meerespanorama Motiv stammt aus meiner Erinnerung an wunderschöne Sonnenuntergänge an der portugiesischen Küste.