Who am I

I am a woman in the best age currently living in Germany. I was born in the middle of Europe where I left after the occupation by another country. Since then I changed the country 5x, the school 9x and the school language 3x. I speak German, English, Slovak + some other 5 languages.

I started playing bridge before the age of 12 and I have been quite successful so far. Currently I play mostly just on holidays but it will be intensified one day for sure. It proved to be quite useful for meeting people. When I stay somewhere for a while and there is nothing else to do I simply march into the local bridge club and latest after two visits, there are more than enough bridge partners.

Towards end of 2008 I gave up my bread job (physician) because the company I worked for decided to move to another country. Since 2009 I do only few freelance jobs and dedicate most of my time to become the artist I always wanted to be.

Painting: During the year 2007 I started to think a lot about painting again until I couldn’t refrain myself anymore. All artwork and the prints thereof are for sale at http://valerie-ornstein.fineartamerica.com. So far I had five single exhibitions.

I do offer also animal and portrait paintings on a commission basis.

Writing: I am collecting interesting episodes since my teens and I started writing various bits and pieces in German in late 2006. My 1st poem has been published in November 2007 in a large German anthology.

Photography: I made the title picture in November 2007 in Cyprus where Aphrodite was born out of the sea foam. Some of my photographs may be purchased at  http://de.fotolia.com/p/202002355 for a very little fee.

Since I admire and appreciate the nature’s beauty, I try to capture the most impressive sights on my photographs, which are often also the basis for my paintings.

Cats: Every artist is supposed to own a cat. Since I have three cats, the prognosis must be thrice as good! Dany, Snowflake and Kiara do a perfect model job and help writing by giving good advice and being also subject to it. Dany & Snowflake may be admired at http://youtu.be/8oDtCz8Xnjw.

Sell Art Online

Kiara decided to become a YouTube Star. Since 2012-09-17 she can be admired e.g. at  http://youtu.be/a2gxklEtnKo.



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